EBTS Token is an ERC20 compatible token deployed on Ethereum blockchain. It facilitates integrated, peer to peer store and exchange of value for centralized and decentralized financial structures.

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EBTS White Listing & Referral Program

Airdrop Details :

Free 50 ebts for registration

Free 20 ebts for referral

Once your registration is completed, immediately 50 ebts will be in your ebts e-wallet.

The following requirements need your action to be eligible to receive the EBTS token in your Eth address after ICO end.

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You need to follow our instructions and requirements mentioned above to be eligible to receive your free token by the end of ICO in your ethereum address you have provided in.

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We’ve launched EBTS sale Airdrop to reward our loyal community who are just as excited about EBTS Platform as we are, and spreading the word about the EBTS sale!

After signing up on our website, you will be given a unique referral link. Any one joining through your link and invest in EBTS will make you eligible for the following rewards in ethereum immediately within 72 hours.

  • First Week: 10%
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  • 3rd week: 5%

Note: the percentage above mentioned it will be of Eth invested by your referral

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Token Distribution

Funds collected: Eth 2,500
Contributors: 1260
250000000 EBTS
1000000000 EBTS
PRE ICO: 21.03.2018 - 15.4.2018 ICO START: 1.5.2018 ICO FINISH: 1.7.2018

About ebts

The crypto-space is growing substantially with each passing day. Unfortunately, interconversion of crypto and fiat money is still the most common problem.

EBTS in association with leading global banks and exchanges provides a blockchain based scalable, secure and interoperated network for crypto traders and investors. We at EBTS believe that Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are the future. But presently, crypto-exchanges lack the stability and trade volumes associated with traditional FIAT exchanges. EBTS couples the benefits of the traditional finance with the future.

How EBTS Works

A State of the art Cryptocurrency

EBTS is a state of the art currency based on the cutting-edge model of ethereum blockchain.EBTS token will be tradeable across the major crypto exchanges. It offers faster confirmation speeds, lower transaction fee, excessive benefits and features than traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin, EBTS Token will enable seamless banking enabling you to use crypto in the main stream.


Users with an EBTS account in any of our partner banks can perform common crypto-transactions such as: deposit, withdrawl, sending or receving money to their family or friends within minutes and avoid traditional banking protocols and hassles.

Also Trade-able

EBTS token will be trade-able on all major crypto trading exchanges. EBTS Digital wallet enables crypto-trading as well as currency exchange - enabling users to exchange their EBTS Tokens with fiat money.

Investment and Earnings

ICO Airdrop

Exciting awards and bonus for those who refer new buyers to the platform. Winning amounts can be used to purchase new EBTS tokens on the EBTS exchange.


EBTS provides a loyalty bonus programme for those Investors or traders who are willing to retain their EBTS tokens for at least one year. Even for dormant investors, the recurring bonus shall be automatically added to the registered EBTS digital wallet of the investor.


EBTS is a token of ERC20 from Ethereum blockchain. It can be traded on all major cryptocurrency exchange platforms. EBTS Digital wallet enables crypto-trading as well as currency exchange. Users can exchange their EBTS Tokens for Fiat Currencies.

Lending Program

Early investors can join the EBTS Token’s bandwagon by participating in the EBTS lending program. EBTS hopes that its Lending Program design will facilitate a great return on investment in a foolproof cryptocurrency market. Start investing now.

Phase Name From Date To Date Numbers of Tokens Bonus
Pre-ICO 21.03.2018 15.4.2018 285 million 50% bonus
ICO 1.5.2018 1.7.2018 465 Millions 50% bonus

Specification & Token Summary

The new and better crypto token backed by our partnership with Global Banks will in all certainty set new standards for others to follow. Our association with our partner banks coupled with very own exchange platform provides a secure and better alternative for crypto and general investors alike.

Token Name Ethereum Bank Transactions
Token Symbol ebts
Token available for Pre-Ico 21 Mar 2018 to 15 Apr 2018
Token available for Pre-Ico 285,000,000 EBTS
Token Rate 1 ETH = 10,000 EBTS + 50% Bonus
Token Available for ICO 1 May 2018 to 1 July 2018
Token Available for ICO 465,000,000 EBTS
Token Rate 1 ETH = 5,000 EBTS + 50% Bonus

Road Map

01 Feb, 2018



07 Feb, 2018

21 March, 2018



21 Aug, 2018

01 Sep, 2018


Our Team


Rai Elby has more than 17 years of experience in banking and stock market. Currently Founder of Ethereum Bank Transactions. CFO of Bank of America 2011-2016. Chief of Accounts, AML Officer at Exchange Solutions UK 2005-2011. Credit Analyzer at QNB 2000-2003



Mahn Melnagar is the Co-Founder of Ethereum Bank Transactions (EBTS). With over 14 years of experience in banking industry, he has knowledge in stock trading at leading markets and foreign exchanges. He has also worked for more than 4 years as Blockchain Researcher.


Mark AaronCEO

Mark Aaron has more than 20 years of experience in banking and finance. Ex-CEO of National Bank of Netherlands 2010 - 2017 .CEO of International Financial Services 2003 - 2010 . AGZ Bank Risk Department Officer 1990 - 2001 . Business Analyst of Angel Group 1985 - 1990


Emily GomezCTO

Emily Gomez has over 16 years of experience in Technology information industry. Information Technology Specialist at CIT Financial Services, USA 2011-2016. Head of CBT Department at Bank Leumi USA 2000-2010.


Muhammad Younas CMO

CMO at, Senior developer and copywriter at Oryx Prive Investment LLC


Tom WilliamsCDO

Tom Williams has 14 years of experience in consulting, market research and financial businesses. Master of Science in Banking and Finance


Jasmin Elberto Customer Experience Officer

A manager focused on business modelling and customer experience for over 11 years. Worked with the world’s biggest companies like Coca-Cola and Intel. With deep understanding of client needs, Jasmin is responsible for matching expectations with a useful digital solution


Lee YangBlockchain Lead

Lee Yang is a software developer and manager with over 15 years hands-on experience. Blockchain researcher, responsible for implementation on Ethereum


Our Advisor

Dhariik IsaacSenior Adviser

Dhariik Isaac is a graphics designer and illustrator with over 5 years of experience working with clients, both off and on the digital space. His passion for producing awesome artworks is birth from an ultimate ability to translate ideas into masterpieces


Alexx IvanSenior Advisor

Deeply researching the functionality of the Blockchain and constantly investing in Cryptocurrency Markets. Dozens of crypto-related projects completed as a video marketer, creating engaging video to help various companies grow their visibility in the network and social media.


Stephen ArsenaultSenior Advisor

Independent Validator @ POA Network + Manage a few Bootnodes to support each network.


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